San Diego Electricians Encourage Residents to Have an Electrical Safety Inspection

The Electrical Contractors Association of San Diego (ECASD) is encouraging residents and commercial property owners to have an electrical safety inspection. In their latest blog post, the group of local contractors mentioned the many safety hazards that could occur when electrical issues are left unaddressed. They say the only way to know if there are ongoing electrical troubles is by having an electrical safety inspection. ECASD President Brad Harper says some homeowners are probably not aware of this type of maintenance care for their home. “What happens is they will just call for an electrician once something untoward occurs. Of course, we do not want accidents or property damage to occur before they address possible issues. We are just alarmed with the growing number of repairs and emergency calls attributed to issues that are entirely preventable if only the property owner took time to have a maintenance inspection check,” Harper explains. The Benefits of an Electrical Inspection